Since the autumn of 2008, when you couldn't breathe for gloomy economic news bulletins, it's safe to say that Britain's crash has had an impact on anyone and everyone.

But there's one area in particular that has suffered - the housing market. A cocktail of increased unemployment and decreased mortgage lending has left a lot of sellers scratching their heads. And the subsequent fall in house prices has, quite understandably, left home owners more inclined to sit it out than lose money on their property.

But is sitting out the credit crunch the only option for the frustrated seller? Angela Barbaro-Robins, from Nottingham, found another way. After trying for several months to sell her Nottingham property, she decided to take the matter into her own hands.

Angela had heard about people putting their homes up for raffle, but knew that spreading the word and getting people involved would be difficult. But after searching the internet, Angela came across - an online company that specialise in showcasing large items for raffle including cars, boats, and properties. Angela saw an opportunity to be rid of estate agents and viewings, and decided to put her property up for raffle. Her luxury four-bedroom apartment, with a double garage, balcony and courtyard, is now featured on the site, with tickets selling for 20.

Angela said: "I was getting very frustrated with the whole selling process. Viewings were few and far between, and would always end in disappointment." "I was interested in putting the apartment up for raffle, but the logistics of doing it alone put me off. is a really easy way of getting people interested in the property, and I'm really excited to see how it's going to turn out."