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Welcome to Rafflemine online raffle where you can raffle your house, car, boat, motorbike or indeed anything else you own.

House raffles are becoming ever more popular, particularly when a recession grips the housing market. In such times people turn to alternative methods to sell their homes such as a raffle. The great advantage of a house raffle lies in the fact that it's never going to fail to measure up to someone's expectations; it's always going to be a delight to win a home for the modest cost of ticket. One such person was Angela from Nottingham whose luxury apartment seemed to just miss the mark with potential buyers. Read more about Angela's house raffle.

How to play

Firstly register as a user. Then browse through the raffles to see what takes your fancy. Looking at the item's description, click on the 'Buy ticket' link. At this point you will be asked to pick a ticket number between 1 and the total number of available tickets. The idea is to pick a number that you think will be the lowest unique ticket number. In other words, the lowest ticket number to that no one else has picked. See guidelines for additional help.


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